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We are an award-winning boutique design-build remodeling firm in Metro-Detroit. Our family business boasts a lineage that stretches back through four generations of Master Craftsmen. A strong culture of family is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Our loyalty extends not only to our employees but also to our clients, as loyalty is a crucial aspect of our family legacy and the way we conduct business.

With over thirty years of experience, we take pride in crafting luxurious home additions, kitchens, and bathrooms for discerning homeowners in Southeast Michigan who settle for nothing less than exceptional results.

Inspired Interior Design. Bespoke Kitchen, Bath & Home Remodeling.

About us

Benefit from our cohesive team of designers, architects, craftsman, electricians, engineers and builders, who collaborate openly and purposefully to create a home remodel you'll cherish for years to come. Throughout the process, your vision is seamlessly integrated with our team's creativity, leading to innovative solutions that ensure cost efficiency, expedited construction timelines, and imaginative, functional design outcomes.

Our goal is to help you rest easy knowing every detail of your home remodeling project is meticulously scrutinized.

"I am absolutely thrilled with Teresa's incredible interior design talent, which transformed my vision into a breathtaking, personalized sanctuary. Clint is a true Master Craftsman, he demonstrated remarkable perfectionism in every detail, ensuring a flawless finish that exceeded my highest expectations."

— Andrea, birmingham, mi

In harmony with your unique vision, we build genuine connections to provide bespoke remodeling experiences, transforming your home with quality materials and craftsmanship.

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Our Proven Process

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During our first consultation, we'll explore your project and suggest a tailored strategy. This is your opportunity to express your ideas and seek answers. Before our meeting, it's beneficial to develop a focused vision of your goals, achieved by compiling inspirational images from websites and magazines, or by providing handwritten notes and sketches that convey your thoughts.


First Meeting

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Imagine removing a wall to unveil an open floor plan or incorporating an additional level. If visualization feels daunting, our 3D design process comes to the rescue. We'll virtually guide you through your redesigned space, instilling the confidence to make design choices you'll cherish without regrets.


Design Phase

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The next phase commences with the signing of a Construction Agreement, reflecting the insights gained during the Design Phase. With the agreement signed, our official collaboration kicks off by assembling your dream team, setting up a logistical and communication structure, and managing any permits or other requirements prior to construction.


Pre-Construction Phase

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At this point, your project is primed for the actual construction phase. Our cohesive approach ensures that your initial vision is flawlessly communicated to the skilled artisans bringing it to life. Your dedicated project manager, involved since the remodel's inception, possesses all necessary information to guarantee this crucial stage is completed punctually, within budget, and to your delight.


Construction Phase


We Accept a Limited Number of Clients Each Quarter.

We're a boutique firm, proudly embracing our personalized approach to delivering exceptional results. Please inquire with more details about your project and we'll set up a consultation to determine if we're the right fit.